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  • Terraço Jardins Restaurant
Information and Reservations: 55 (11) 3069-2233
Chef Icaro Rizzo
Ícaro Rizzo
Terraço Jardins Restaurant Menu is signed by Ícaro Rizzo. Graduated in Gastronomy, he used to show his passion for cooking since he was eight, when cooking with his mother. In 2007, Ícaro started his history at Renaissance São Paulo Hotel as a kitchen intern. Showing an amazing work, he became Chef de Partie in 2012 and Sous Chef in 2013. At the hotel, had the opportunity to work with several world-renowned chefs from France, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, and others. Thinking about improving his career, Ícaro has taken several courses abroad, among them, noble meat course (Buenos Aires); Chilean gastronomy course (Chile), as well as participating in technical and practical workshops with renowned Ferran Adria, Claude Troisgos and Dario Cecchini. In 2015, he represented Renaissance São Paulo at the Marriott Chefs Excellence in Orlando.
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